Friday, May 13, 2011

Purchased in Paducah

You know it's true...everybody really just wants to know, "What did you buy at the quilt show???"
I remember being very exhausted when taking this picture, or I'd have spread out the fabric to make it look more exciting! This is the fabric from Hancock's of Paducah. DeLuna's is the in the clear bag (you get a nice big bag if you buy more!) and mine is in the white bag.
The black & white piece is a batik that looks like either a spine or tire tracks. The rest is mainly for backs of charity quilts. That was my shopping plan, to keep from being distracted by beautiful fabrics that would cause me to start creating a bunch of brand new projects!
I was also on a mission find a very dark purple for Rita, but it was not to be found anywhere.
Hancock's back room

While I enjoyed the hours we spent in there, I have to say that we had been warned by One Who Knows that the famous back room at Hancock's was not as well stocked as in the past. There was plenty there, but I was not finding the treasures expected. But getting the backs for a couple quilts was fine, especially at sale prices. The cost of cotton has sky-rocketted this year, so any sale is good.

My favorite purchase at any show is these wonderful embroideries from South Africa, made by women who live in the north near the Zimbabwe border. Each one tells part of a folk-tale. The designs are standard, but each woman adds her own touch in choosing the colors and sometimes her intials or a slight change in the background. I really should buy several of the same design...a good idea for the next time I see this lovely lady:

Ina le Roux is responsible for this colorful business that helps women make money to send their children to school or even just provide meals and basic needs.  The pieces come in various sizes, are washable,  and some are done on white cloth. The story is included with each one, and a little card about one of the women who do the embroidery. I always keep the link on my sidebar: Tambani Textiles.
After the class with Velda Newman last month, I was also checking out all the special hand dyed fabrics.
Over at the Rotary show you can always find Cherrywood Fabrics. For years thery have made a fabulous cotton that looks like suede.
A Grab Bag for Crazies, indeed! I keep buying this stuff and not using it...which is truly a shame, as it is beautiful. When I do make something, I'll be sure to post it, since the plastic bag does not allow you to see how nice this is!
These are the pieces of Carol Bryer Fallert fabrics from Benartex that I talked about in the last post. You can see the influence of all those fruits and veggies from Velda's class...better than I can paint myself!
The one that shades from grey to white is just perfect for a project I've been planning for tooooooo many years!
Now, how about THIS:

Three yummy pieces hand dyed by Frieda Anderson! And we had a nice chat with Laura Wasilowski and Frieda as we tried to keep our drooling under control around all that luscious fabric.

So, Dear Friends, that is it for Paducah 2011!
In the course of writing these posts, I have finished the binding and sleeve on a quilt I can hardly wait to tell you all about!

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