Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Driving to Paducah, KY, from my house takes about 12 hours.
Depending on when you early in the morning, or waiting until after the guild meeting!
I had to break the trip into two parts. After picking up Deluna, who had been dropped off by her daughter in a convenient Denny's parking lot, the goal was to get to Atlanta by dark. We made it north of the city.
We stopped the QuiltMobile here for gas:
Who is that lady on the gas station?
Why, Big Mama, of course!
Oddly enough, this was right next door to Big Mama's Short Term Loan & Pawn, or something like that...but the building was empty and for lease. No chance for a last-minute addition to our shopping money!

When headed for Paducah there are many sights to see: the purple blooming Princess trees, actual hills & mountatins, places like Magnolia Plantation which sells pecans, honey &amp, Indian moccasins.
There could be a lot of picture taking....but I am too busy looking out for the State Troopers as I put pedal to the metal.
The QuiltMobile happily stops for any personal needs, but generally pulls over only to get gassed up and to allow for meals at Cracker Barrel. That restaurant has to be the most popular place in America. At least for travelling.
There's a rule in my fanily that you can only eat at a Cracker Barrel out of town. That keeps it "special". But there seem to be plenty of locals wherever I end up stopping.
Right before you get to Paducah is what we believe to be one of The Most Beautiful Rest Stops in America. It is a red brick and white columned mini-mansion/ plantation house, with lovely ornamental trees, and has very friendly staff.
But possible danger lurks there:

This is the world's most powerful hand dryer. Ladies, if you stop here, hold on to your engagment ring! (I am sure, as with mine, your wedding ring is stuck on forever).

Having decided only a few days before to go to one of the largest quilt shows in the country, which is held in a small town, the question was if we could even get a room anywhere nearby.
I have stayed 45 minutes away (the claim was 30 minutes) and didn't like so much driving back & forth. 
I have stayed right in Paducah, and enjoyed being chauferred by the bus driver.
But Deluna found us a room in Metropolis, only 20 minutes away....over the Ohio River, and in Illinois! I have talked to many people who liked staying there, and we did, too. The Baymount Inn was right next door to Harrod's Casino.
Metropolis, of course, is the home of Superman. They have a giant staute of him there:
My sister-n-law wanted to know if we'd been to the gift shop, but I am sad to say, we only had time to see the statue at night. I was even forced to get a postcard by stopping at a pharmacy on the way out of town.
This will give you the real idea:
Quite dramatic! I am sure nobody will bother any of the businesses within Supe's reach.
I think the building behind him is the City Hall....the platform at his feet reads "Truth, Justice, the American Way". (That's what it "and").

Next post: A visit to the National Quilt Museum, formerly the Museum of the American Quilter.

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