Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old Green Cupboard closing

It's a sad day when a quilt shop announces the doors will close soon.
Even though my wallet appreciated the 50% Off Sale, it's hard to imagine not being able to shop at the Old Green Cupboard.  Visit the website and get the latest updates...they are selling everything until it's mostly gone, including all the wonderful furnture and home dec items:
If you weren't able to see the shop, you may have seen OGC at some of the big quilt shows. They are just finishing at AQS's Lancaster show and will still make it to the April show in Paducah.
Last Monday was the first day of the sale, and Cheezdoodle reports that two ladies fainted while waiting in the check-out line!
Cherry-Cherry & I waited until after lunch to go, and the crowds had tapered off a bit...only 15 minutes in the check-out, instead of the 2 hour line in the morning.
The trick of a sale like this is to remind yourself it is 50% off...not "free"!
Mrs. Starbucks came up to check out what was left on Wednesday morning, and there was plenty. But that just indicates the tremendous amount of fabric there has always been!
The three quilting machines will be auctioned to those interested. Many of the shelving units are going to other shops (yes, I am nosy and read the papers taped to things that were SOLD)!
As long as there is something left, or until April 30, the shop is you might want to check it out.

OK, you want to know what I bought. I showed great restarint, but here it is:
I am always on the look out for a red batik. This is one I had used recently in a quilt (coming soon to PatchworkPie!) and knew it would be good for the ol' stash!
I never have enough greens, and that's funny, because I would not say it was my "favorite" color! But I always want to buy some.
These watery stripes just made me fall in love when I first saw them last year....
So many colorways....all just beautiful. The color changes over several feet before repeating. 
And when you buy stripes, it's usually a good idea to get some real yardage, especially if the stripes run along the selvedge. I got 2-1/2 to 3+ yards of all these stripes, including this challenge to the optic nerve:

It may come in handy for a black & white challenge that has just been announced.

So while I am happy to have some discounted fabric, it's sad that Old Green Cupboard is closing.
Best wishes to Gloria and all the great ladies who worked there....we'll be seeing you "around the block" somewhere!

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