Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quilt Show Countdown: Sell that quilt!

The "Sale Room" at QuiltFest is a great place because it has plenty of bargains, and is a great way for the QF guild members to sell some finished quilts, tops, block collections, or complete kits or UFOs with all the fabrics.
That often gets directly translated into how much money a person can spend in the merchants' mall, but isn't that good for the economy?

Today Cherry-Cherry and I went down to check in the items we're selling. If we're lucky, none of them will have to be picked up on Sunday!

Here are the things I'm selling this year:This is a cross-stitch top from my mother's stash. She did not make the 12 blocks, but did add the sashing. Whoever buys this will do whatever they want with it! The Sale Room (it's a booth, not a separate room) is a fine opportunity to sell class samples, especially ones that I will never be teaching again. This is a wall hanging sized item. If it were much smaller, it would not be allowed in the Sale Room, as small quilts are requested to be donated to the Silent Auction for charity.
They are also very hard to display in a way people can see them among all the larger quilts for sale. People working in the Sale Room (each guild has an assigned day to provide the volunteers) spend a lot of time opening and folding quilts, talking to potential buyers, and being amazed!

It's Card Tricks, QIAD style! This was the required beginners class at a Big Box store where I no longer teach. It was a nice class, but an extremely poor replacement for the beginners class I designed and taught there for several years before the Corporate Office decided they should control everything.
Another sample from the same place, it's a M'Liss Rae quilt...they do love the "celebrity tie-in". I am so glad NOT to be teaching there (ah, four years of freedom, and I'd never go back)(all I miss are the students who became friends!).
My bad...I just realized I had offered this lap quilt for sale last year, and we are not supposed to have any "repeats" in the Sale Room. If nobody likes it this year...and it's all about Mexican food, so what's not to like??? will become a Christmas present. Just as the Card Tricks will be a baby gift....this is The End for all my Big Box samples!

Here's one called "La Chocolada" from the Janet Jones Worley book Quilts for Chocolate Lovers (2001 AQS).
Very festive colors, and a great striped binding that I made extra wide.
I don't do many quilts from books or other people's patterns any more. I like to design my own and build up the line of patterns I'm publishing.
I still like this one very much. It's a block design from Quilters Newsletter many years ago, in a setting of my own design that I did for a Personalized Mystery Quilt class a few years back.

Some people make really great quilts (all sizes!) for the Sale Room, and there are a few other items, too. When the show opens on Thursday morning, there will be a dedicated group who will rush in the door and make a bee-line for the sale room to see what antique quilts & tops are being offered!
This really is a great win-win...good bargains for those who want to buy a top to finish or a completed quilt, the quilters who can make some many back from their craft, and QuiltFest, which gets a 10% commision.

It's true, I have a hard time letting go of my quilts. Sometimes that's because I might need them for another class or program, and sometimes it's just hard to decide who to give one to.
But my collection, which is stored on and threatening to collapse the stairway railing, has to be winnowed out.

Though glancing at it right now, you'd never know I had removed anything!
This is really, really going back! The angel comes from Judy Hopkin's One of a Kind Quilts (1989, That Patchwork Place). If you see this old book, get it! There are some great design concepts.
I taught this many times in quilt shops (not the Big Box!) and it was fun to get different personalities going for the angel so she wouldn't be just a holiday decor. And since I have several, this small one will be given to the Silent Auction (more about that in another's nice to have a charity event at a show).

Tonight is the Preview Party, so I'll start taking and posting pictures from the show!

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