Thursday, June 18, 2009

Catch up time: Gee's Bend & SSQA & more

I've been busy (who hasn't?) and just want to take a minute to catch up!
We had the last official event with the Gee's Bend Quilts (they will be here until August 2). Can you imagine listening to a fine choir while sitting around the quilt frame? This is the second group we had the pleasure to hear, both came from the LaVilla/Ritz area local school, a magnet school for studying the arts.

Another Big Project has been assisting in the re-design of the Sunshine State Quilters Association website.
After ten+ years, it needed a new fresh look, new organization, and a whole lot of re-writing.
You may know how it is, when you care about something being done "right"...I couldn't let the shiny new look go out in public with the same old content! And many pages that had been ignored for years would now be re-examined!
Is this my job? No. But I made it my job, so who do I have to blame?
That's right...the same old one always put her foots in it!
There was a ton of updating and creating...and I hope it compliments the bright and exciting new look of the whole site!
Visit and let me know what you think!
This is not my solo effort by any means! At this point I give a huge Shout Out to Pat the Webmaster, who did all the heavy lifting with arranging the pages & HTML coding & figuring out colors & all that computer magic that is beyond my ken. There was nothing I wondered about that Pat could not find a way to do!

Of course, there was some quilting going on, too...
Just so you know, the Black T-shirt Quilt is in process! More on that later.

Also in the works is another Mystery Quilt, this one for Seaside Piecemakers in Satellite Beach, FL.
It is not like any other Mystery Quilt I have designed! The design is unique, and I always offer two besides the traditional large lap size, the smaller size can be a two-sided baby quilt!
You'll have to wait until August for the Big Reveal on that one.

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Anonymous said...

The new SSQA web site looks great! I know you've worked very hard on it. Kudos!

Ms. E.