Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scrappy Gift Tags

Holiday gift sewing can sure cause a blog to go can I show what I'm doing when you-know-whos will be reading?
So as slight diversion, here is a little tute on what I did today: Making gift tags! Fused, naturally...and of course with SCRAPS!
Often holiday theme fabrics are kept as a separate collection, but the scraps work just the same. There are always more-more-more, no matter how diligently you apply yourself to using them.

I used lots of scraps, or fabrics that had finally reached their perfect vintage***, to make gifts for the family members I will see at Thanksgiving. I dug into my Christmas collection and even made wrapping for those gifts! But I needed some tags to be sure they didn't get all mixed up.
An index card with fabric fused to the lined side seems to be just about right. To the ironing board!

First, lay down some paper-backed fusible web (I use WONDER UNDER) with the glue side up...that's the side that feels rough.
Place the fabric Right Side up on the fusible.
As a student of the Chicago School of Fusing, I have saved many large pieces of the release paper from using Wonder Under. Other fusibles do not have the same type of paper, so that's why I prefer WU.
That paper on top in the picture is one piece. By placing that on the fabric, I don't have to worry about making sure the fabric is larger than the fusible, or the fact that there are some areas not covered by fabric. The paper will protect my iron. I can move it around until all the fabric areas have been fused.

Hot steam!
Cut off the extra WU hanging over the edge, and trim the excess fabric at the side (Oh, no...looks like 2 new scraps to me! Was I brave enough the throw them away?)

This excess fabric is currently in the of this posting, anyway!
It is important in all fusing that the glue be right to the edge of the fabric (or other can fuse to almost anything that you can put a hot iron on!). I like to trim into the fabric a bit.
Trimming to be sure the glue goes all the way to the edge
The fusible needs to cool before removing the paper...especially important if you have fused a large piece of fabric and intend to save that valuable release paper.
But we do get impatient!
If it's still warm, use a pin to scratch through the paper, then crack it open and peel off. That is much better than picking at a corner!

I like a big fancy pin!
The Wrong Side of the fabric is smooth because the glue is now fused there. The paper is smooth because the glue is gone. If anywhere is rough, it needs more heat time.  Just put the paper back and press again.
Try not to over-heat...5--10 seconds is enough.

OK! Now put a large sheet of release paper on the ironing board (both sides are the same) and lay out the index cards, lined side up.
Place the fused side of the fabric on top. Check that it doesn't extend beyond the paper...if so, add some more paper. Or just be really careful ironing at the edge!

Index cards come in lots of colors, but I just had white.
Here are the cards fused to the 2 different fabrics:
A nice clean side to write on.
Then I cut the cards out and gave them a tag shaped end. You could do this with a rotary cutter and a fancy blade, too! Or cut them into ovals or anything else you like...they are your tags!
Free-hand cut the end or use a real tag as a template
I used a hole punch to put 2 holes in each one, as I decided to sew the tags onto the fabric gift wrap.
The 2 little ones were a tag I accidentally cut into...but nothing gets wasted!
Using gold embroidery thread, I went in one hole, through the fabric, and out the other. Then cut the thread very long, and used it to tie a bow. (I did write the names on first!).

There you go! Have at it and make some better/ fancier tags than these. I think it would be fun to fold some into little book shapes.

FYI: I buy WonderUnder on sale and get several yards. I keep it on a cardboard bolt center.
Another use for a string scrap!
I save the release paper sheets clipped together and hanging behind the ironing board so they are handy.
Two clips hanging on a pin in the design wall
If you can't get or don't prefer Wonder Under, I highly recommend PARCHMENT PAPER. Find it with the freezer paper at the grocery. It makes a great release paper, over and under anything you are fusing. You can roll it out as long as your ironing board!

***as motivation for using fabric (some I have had for over 30 years), the new answer to "What am I saving this for?" is TODAY! I declare that all my fabric has reached the time it was being saved for!

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