About the Pie

Welcome to Patchwork Pie!
Almost everyone likes pie. And almost anything can be made into a pie!
This little slice of the Quilt World is written by yours truly, Sunnie Malesky, quilting teacher, designer and general gad-about.
This is a blog devoted to quilting and closely related subjects.
I like to talk about what I'm making, where I've been teaching, and places to visit...especially quilt shops and shows. How-tos & tutorials are fun to include as well.
You will not hear much about my family....unless they start quilting!
You will occaisionally see a picture of Shayla O'Puss, because she lives in my studio and office.
If you like a fun and easy pattern, I hope you'll take a look at the Patterns for Sale page.
Now please enjoy a slice of the PIE! And do visit as often as you can....I love my followers!

A real picture of the real me!