Friday, September 14, 2012

Patchwork Pie: a new slice!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scrap Quilt gets washed & ready!

As you may have noticed in the last post, minimal quilting doesn't do much for the looks of a quilt, but it does hold the layers together.
I tried to get away with minimal quilting on this quilt, but I just couldn't let it be!
The pattern is Jewel Box or Buckeye Beauty
There is red quilting in the red parts, and green on the green, for the most part.
But there was just a bit too much of the background with no I ran long diagonal lines through those places. All the quilting is a serpentine stitch, with a nice curve.
To keep the colors matching, I skipped over the red and green pieces. That's where I was happy my machine has a lock-stitch button and another for thread cutting! That does leave a thread on the top to cut, and two little ones on the back at the end of the stitching line.
Here's my favorite thread snipper:
Double curve scissors
This pair is about 4" long, and sharp as can be! That curved blade gets right down at the fabric to cut the thread. It pays to be careful to avoid cutting the quilt! (you know how I know!)

Of course you want to see the back. And I'm telling you, this is a great back! It "matches" the top by theme (Christmas) and it doesn't show anything.
"Chilly" by Timeless Treasures
Those penguins have been celebrating finally getting out of my stash!
They are so much fun, this is practically a two-sided quilt. Which reminds me of an idea:
Instead of adding to the backing width by putting a strip down the center or a double width of fabric, add extra around one width and it will look like a border. That does make an easy two-sided quilt.
Well, if you planning ahead it does.
I'm sure I got this on sale, intending it for a back, so I had double length. Can you spot the seam?
Waldo was not able to attend this party
After the extra quilting, it was right to the washer and dryer for this old friend. I have had the top for a looooong time, and you have probably seen it at one of my scrap quilt lectures. It demonstrates two things:
1) It has all the same size prints, which makes it "too busy".... a good scrap quilt needs a variety of prints.
2) Holiday quilts can get away with excessive busy-ness!
3) A simple traditional pattern is a good scrappy choice.
OK, that was 3 things. You know I am both talkative and innumerate (can't do numbers).

What happened in the wash & dry???
I cannot count high enough to say how many fabrics are in this quilt.
It has a lovely crinkly texture, and no dye bleed from the un-washed dark green border! (thank-you, Color Catchers!)If you cannot see the texture in this picture, it's because that is very hard to capture in a photo. Quilting is hard to see on most quilt pics, which is why a lot of time OR a professional photographer is a good idea if you need an important picture made.
Fun "homework": Next time you look at a quilt magazine, see if you notice which pics show quilting, which do not...and which are actually un-quilted tops!