Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mouse!

Today is the birthday of the computer mouse...and where would we be without it?
A blogger's essentials: coffee, keyboard, notebook & mouse!

It was 1968 when Douglas Engelbart showed off his "X-Y position indicator for a display system".
Yes, even our wildest dreams (and they were pretty wild back in '68!) we did not imagine that the world would be connected...and on such a personal level!...as we are today, through our computers and the Internet/ World Wide Web.

As you may see, my own mouse has a wire "tail", which was the origin of the nickname.
If you have a wireless mouse, never fear...it's just the version from the nursery rhyme of "Three Blind Mice"!

Now for the "quilty stuff"!
Please admire the notebook cover above, which features parachuting cats and an adorable porcelain button. This was made by a dear friend, who shall now be called Mrs. Starbucks (yes, it must be plural, as she is prone to have more than one per day!).
Inside is a standard composition book, available everywhere notebook paper is sold.
You can make your own pattern to fit that or any other notebook. Mrs. Starbucks did!

Open the book flat and lay it on paper. Trace around the book, then put it aside.
Add a curved flap shape (approx. 6") at one short end, and about 4" extra at the othe end. That will be folded over to make a pocket. Now add about 1" extra all the way around.
You also need a piece 3" wide x the heigth of the pattern (approx. 10.5" in this case).....(you could make the flap as a separate pattern piece, too, to add a different fabric as an accent).

Now have fun making a quilted and/or embellished cover. Use batting if you want, but this cover was done with denim and didn't need the extra layer. Chose a nice fabric for the backing, and you won't need to add another for the lining.
Layer your cover wrong sides together with fabric for the inside (if you need a lining), then cut out the pattern shapes.

Bind the long edges of the 3" wide piece, then pin it to the inside about 4" in from where you added the flap to the pattern. It will hold the back cover of the book in place when you're done.
At the other end, fold in and pin the extra 4" added...this is the pocket that holds the front cover of the notebook.

Add a binding all the way around, catching the ends of the 3" piece and pocket as you go.
Finish up with a cute button to hold a ribbon or other tie tie in place, or make a different closure.

I know you are creative, and will think of all sorts of things to do with this...add some sort of holder for a pen, maybe a label to ID the owner....what else? Try not to make so many lumps that the you can't write in the notebook!

Thank you, Ms. Starbucks! I use this notebook all the time, and will be replacing it when it's filled up....because I have a great notebook cover now.

Simple items make a great "canvas" for trying out new ideas, especially those you see in a magazine. Maybe you'll make a few notebook covers for gifts, too!

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Pat said...

Sunnie, I really like this notebook cover. I'm going to be making myself one of these -- maybe another for a gift.

Thanx for putting up the instructions.